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To encourage people to visit, feel free to download and print copies of any of these. Useful as posters, fliers to hand out, or ads in your campus newspaper. All are PDF's. Will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

Three sizes to choose from:

22" x 14" - download

17" x 11" - download

11" x 8.5" - download

For best look, please print
on glossy (coated) card stock.


Here are two broad-sowing fliers you can hand out on campus or in a city.

(1) Prints two to a page. Hi-quality PDF to view and print.

(2) Prints four to a page. Hi-quality PDF to view and print.

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Currently, is visited by about 7,000 each day. And each day, hundreds tell us that they have begun a relationship with God while on the site. The more who come to the site, the more people who are apt to begin a relationship with him.

If you would like to help make the site visible to more, your donation would go directly toward that. And you will help us reach people in all of the areas of the world, who come to one of our 33 language sites. Any amount you can give is useful in making findable to others...$10, $25, whatever.

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