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Did we get here by random chance?

Q: "Why can't we be here as a result of random chance and time? Is a God really necessary?"

our A: It's impossible for something to come from absolutely nothing, no matter how many billions of years are granted, because time itself is not a cause of anything. Things can change over time, but it's not time that changes them.

If there were a time when there was absolutely nothing, then even the slightest existence of anything would be an absolute miracle. The existence of the tiniest particle of an element -- were it to come from absolutely nothing -- would be a miracle far greater than a polar bear flying. At least with the polar bear, you have something to work with. When there's absolutely nothing, there's absolutely nothing to work with.

Here's the point: if there were ever a time when there was absolutely nothing, there would still be absolutely nothing today. So chance plus time is not a valid explanation. To say we're here as a result of chance (somehow coming from absolutely nothing), takes a lot more faith than believing in an Intelligent Designer. For more on this, see Was There Ever Nothing?

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