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Is Jesus the only way?

Q: "Christianity is the 'right' one - isn't that being naive?"

our A: We have a feature article that deals with the major differences among the different world faiths. The teachings of Jesus Christ are compared with those world faiths. Please see Connecting with the Divine. Also please see the articles in the second section of our And Jesus? page.

Is it naive? Not if it is true. Jesus said He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). Either He was telling the truth or He wasn't. If He was telling the truth, it's not naive to agree with Him.

Followers of Christ are generally assumed to be from the Western hemisphere. However, Jesus began in the Middle East and spread outward from there, throughout the whole earth. There are many believers in Africa and Asia. Currently the largest Christian church in the world is in South Korea.

Faith in Christ is not just a Western thing, though skeptics and antagonists like to paint that picture. The Bible tells us that the multitude of believers who will be in heaven will be from every tribe and people and nation and language (Revelation 7:9), and that Jesus died for the sins of people from every tribe, nation, people and tongue (Revelation 5:9).

If Jesus is in fact, God, as He said, and rose from the dead as proof, then He has given us ample reasons to believe in Him (see Beyond Blind Faith). He is not asking for a naive faith, but a knowledgeable faith in Him. And those who will believe in Jesus receive a more abundant life, direction in life, peace with God, and eternal life. Hardly an air-head decision.

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