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Why I Value God

I Am Going to Tell You What I love about God even though everything wouldnt be able to fit on this one page i will try and give it a shot.

First I will speak about how God is such a faithful and loving God. At times when i didnt love my self i would still hear his voice encouraging me and letting me know that He's just a prayer away.

" I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness" Jeremiah 31:3
  This is a powerful scripture because it shows me that God loves us no matter what and nothing can seperate us from his love and he's chasing after us daily.

I love that God is so faithful to us even when we are not faithful to him. Phil 1:6 Lets us know that we should be confident of this very thing that He who began the good work within us will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ returns.

God never left me where I was and he wont leave you either. I heard a saying before " Jesus accepts us the way we are but loves us way too much to leave us that way"  

Lastly I would say I love how approachable God is He is not a distant Father that you cannot reach or have to set hundreds of spppointments just to get in contact with. In his word He lets us know that if we draw close to Him he will come close to us.-James 4:8 I found this to be true because I grew up in church my whole life but never heard the voice of God or felt his presence. It wasnt until the age of 19 that I took time out to seek God and constanly pray to him then he started to show up in my life.

I encourage everyone who is reading this now to hold on to God's unchanging hand and let Him take full control of your life. God is My everything my peace, my joy, my sunshine,my all in all and He would love to be whatever you need him to be.

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