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Spiritual Adventure Pack #2


I have already mentioned that it's a decision to believe in God or not.

And, you will never be 100% sure....but you can be pretty confident based on the facts.

A few ground rules.

Some people like to play the game of *possibilities.* It feels safer. More room to squirm out of tight places. More room to rationalize. “Well, it might be possible that…”

I would like us to deal with reality, with probabilities. I think it makes more sense. Here’s a great illustration that I picked up from someone…

A prisoner was blindfolded, set before a 17-man firing squad for execution. At the moment of "Ready. Aim. Fire!" all 17 fired their weapons, all with live bullets. The man stood untouched.

Now, it's possible that these marksmen all missed. But it's more probable that something was rigged. Which are you going to believe?

See what I mean?

When it comes to evidence for God, some skeptics love to live in the land of possibilities. And they have a right to choose that.

However, to do so often requires a lot of imagination and reach.

The evidence might point toward one, supernatural Creator. That might seem like the most probable explanation.

But then you'll see someone flee to possibilities. And let me emphasize...possibilities that have no evidence supporting them.

Like this line of reasoning: "Well, maybe, it is possible that maybe we got here by aliens!" And, I will grant you, that is a possibility.

But it's not the more probable answer. Here's why. Even if you think aliens are the source of our being on planet Earth...where did these smart aliens come from?

It still doesn't discount one eternal supernatural Creator.

Why do I keep saying, "One" Creator? Because science shows that all matter that exists, and time itself, and even space, came from one source. Take a look: https://www.everystudent.com/wires/universe.html

Next email in "The Spiritual Adventure Pack," I'll unload a whole truckload of evidences for God...the facts that led me to say, out loud to God, "Ok, you win."

I'll also tell you what God did in my life, after that moment.

Talk to you again soon!

Marilyn Adamson
director of EveryStudent.com

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