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Spiritual Adventure Pack #4


Today's email will focus on real, damaging evidence against God's existence. Caution: not going to hold back here.

I have frequent conversations with atheists, almost always at their initiative. Sometimes their arguments simply ignore the facts.

However, atheists do have one very rational argument against God.


Not just some suffering. Many people experience incredibly debilitating suffering. Some that lasts for years. Barely tolerable. Sometimes, not even.

Yes, it's true that much of human suffering is due to our choices.

We wish people all acted in human kindness, but then it'd be tough to explain the Wars. Murders. Child abuse. Corrupt governments. Rapes. Greed. Complacency toward poverty and hunger. Torture. Drug addictions fueled by cartels. Sex slavery.

However, we need to acknowledge there is suffering that lacks a human cause. Such as devastating earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanoes, bringing death, pain, loss, and suffering.

This earth is not easy. It's not safe.

Add to this, world disease, cancers, mental disabilities, birth defects. Isn't this evidence against God's existence?

Yet, I am convinced by the evidence that God exists, and that life is only lived with meaning and sense by knowing him. So, what do I do with this?

Human suffering is not a show-stopper for me. Here's why.

God's existence seems certain by observing what exists. What becomes the question is, why would God allow suffering?

I'm going to give you links to other answers. But here's mine.

The evidence shows that God's level of intelligence is unlimited.

Do you know that your body produces 2 million new blood cells every second?

Every breath you take filters through layers in your lungs, equivalent to the surface area of an entire football field. Who could come up with something like that?

You know that we could list thousands of examples of God’s intelligence as we look at our bodies, or our universe, or the diversity of sea-plant-animal life, all the way down to amazing microscopic levels.

God’s intelligence is ridiculously far above the human species.

As different as our intelligence is from a mosquito’s, God’s intelligence is incomparably greater than ours.

When it comes to the question of suffering, therefore, it is easy for me to assume that he has a reason for what we are experiencing, that is beyond what we could understand.

I view it like a two-month old baby receiving an immunization. The infant cannot understand why the mother stands by while this doctor is inflicting pain. Doesn't the mother love the child? Is the mother some kind of jerk?

Or, does the mother have reasons that are impossible for the child to comprehend, if the mother even tried?

It seems fair to me to use a tad amount of humility and acknowledge that we are limited in our capacity to understand an answer that God knows.

The evidence for God's existence is compelling, scientific, logical and unable to dismiss.

So I conclude that the question of suffering can not be completely, answerable to our satisfaction. (Try explaining heart surgery to a rabbit.)

Here is a short video that I like.

Also, I told you we weren't going to hold back. Here's an answer to the question, "Why would you worship a God who allows a child to be raped?"


But there's more to this. God is not aloof. He is not uninvolved.

In fact, if you begin a relationship with him, you would find out that he is much more deeply, fully involved in caring for you than you could ever have imagined or hoped for.

Next email...what is God like? Why would you want to know God?

This is where it gets fun.

Marilyn Adamson
director of EveryStudent.com

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