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Spiritual Adventure Pack #7


This is our last email in the series, "The Spiritual Adventure Pack."

I hope it's been helpful to you. (I especially hope that you did not skip # 6. It's an important one.)

In this email I'd like to describe what it is that God is offering you. And what it might be like for you, if you take him up on it.

When I was an atheist, I remember my friend saying that heaven was a free gift. I immediately challenged her on that.

"IF there is a God, heaven would definitely *not* be a free gift."

I was so cocky. What did I know? I didn't even believe in God's existence and yet I'm arguing about his policies.

So again, we need to look at what God tells us. I'm going to list some of what he says he's offering us. Ready?

+ we could be fully accepted by God, all of our sins (past, present, future sins) completely forgiven, because of Jesus' death on the cross for us. He paid for them all. No more barrier between us and God.

+ we could no longer be under God's judgment, but instead, begin a relationship with him, that lasts eternally. (My friend was right. A relationship with God and eternal life are free gifts offered to us.)

+ we would not go through this life on our own, he says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

+ we would "not walk in darkness, but would have the light of life."

+ we could experience his peace above and beyond what the circumstances warrant.

+ we could pray to God, know that he hears us, and actually see God take action.

+ we could be guided by him, and see him work in our lives to become a better person that we could be without him. Just like any significant relationship has an affect on us, knowing God changes us.

+ we could experience his love on a very personal level. There's so much more, but that gives you a start. This is what he offers you.

Now, some disclaimers.

I don't want you to get the impression from this, that life becomes easy, or that you therefore escape problems, crises, heartache, pain. You won't.

You also won't suddenly become holy and sinless. You will still go through life often choosing to do things your way even when they are opposed to God's ways. You remain free to choose how you will think, feel, and act.

However, over time, as you get to know God better and spend time listening to what he says, your perspective will change, your values will likely change, and you will find a new motivation to live in a way that honors him.

Just like now, where you are not forced to believe in him, you will continue to have freedom to choose whether to trust him in moments of your life, or not.

When you grow to know someone, if they are trustworthy, you learn to trust them more. God is always trustworthy, so your trust in him will likely grow.

Ok, that's probably enough information for you. God is offering you a tremendous amount. You can see why I said that faith in God is primarily a decision.

You have to decide if you want a relationship with God.

Do you want him in your life? Do you want him as your God?

If so, you can begin a relationship with him now.

This explains how:

I sincerely hope you ask him into your life. It is the most important decision you'll ever make.

Thank you again for going through "The Spiritual Adventure Pack" with me.

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Take care,

Marilyn Adamson
director of EveryStudent.com

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