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 Questions About Life and God

Maybe you’d love for others to know Jesus, but *how* is the tough part.

What if the conversation gets awkward? Or if the person is offended?

No one wants to put the relationship at risk, especially if it’s a good friend, relative or co-worker...or anyone.

And maybe you’d rather avoid being smacked by a tough question that you can’t answer like, “Explain to me why God seems totally fine with the suffering of _____.”

When I was an atheist, I did not make it easy on my believing friend. I don't blame Christians for staying silent.

After I began a relationship with God, God led me to create a website for nonbelievers that is now seeing more than 2,500 people each day ask Jesus into their lives.

I can help you interact with nonbelievers, in ways that are comfortable for both of you.

It’s a simple email series called, What God Offers. And it’s free.

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What God Offers

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You can feel freer to have short, authentic conversations about God, without imposing on others. No sales pitch. No gimmicks. I’ll show you.

In fact, they usually will thank you for talking with them.

I’m convinced, when you’re equipped to help someone like this, God simply brings people your way.

What would it be like to go through your daily life and frequently see God arrange a short, helpful conversation with someone? And you knew exactly how to help the person?

In What God Offers you’ll receive:

  • Easy ways to begin comfortable, short conversations about God.
  • How to discover what you know to be true about God...your life message.
  • Examples of real-life conversations with nonbelievers that they appreciated.
  • How EveryStudent.com can be your safety net and a resource for them.
  • Ways you can help atheists and the uninterested.

Sign up now and the first email will arrive right away. (You will receive only this series, nothing else.)

Please send me the free series,
What God Offers

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You’ll find What God Offers incredibly freeing. Even if you only read it and don’t act on it, you’ll still find it inspiring. Many thousands of Christians now they feel confident sharing Jesus with others.

Here’s what believers have said about it:

“I am smiling as I read this. It is awesome. Now I have some idea how I should interact with unbelievers.”

“This is a fantastic resource. I will be using it.”

“I am sooo grateful for the emails u have been sending to me. Words cannot express how happy n grateful i am.”

“I’m in the middle of the night now and I had a long and busy working day, but having read this second email from you, I felt I could not hold my word of appreciate to you. The message is so profound, challenging and simple to understand.”

“It's through this now I can speak about Jesus to my friends and even share some of your mail on Facebook and WhatsApp.”

“I have been following Jesus for 23 years, and I can’t thank you enough for your ministry. I am learning so much from you about sharing my faith.”

“No words can describe how beneficial your emails have been towards my spiritual growth and my journey with Jesus Christ.”

“I'm more confident to tell someone about Jesus. Thank you.”

“This is so amazing. You really get it. And when I read your invitation,"how do I talk about God without sounding like a psycho?" I knew this was for me! I am new to this and always feel like I sound crazy when I get into a conversation about it. Thank you for all that you do!”

“For a few years now I have wanted to spread his gospel truth to others, but I couldn’t get anyone to listen, not even for a minute. (I am in the middle east.) Now with your guidelines and approach, it is a bit easier now! God has softened their hearts where they listen calmly and wanting to hear more.”

“You said, ‘I honestly think that through this, you’ll discover an exciting new dimension in your relationship with God.’ Wow, you hit the nail on the head. My relationship with God is a new dimension, I no longer have doubts. This was the best thing that ever happened to me spiritually…thank you, thank you, thank you.”

What God Offers will help you feel at ease explaining your faith with people who need to know Jesus.

Just enter your first name and email address, hit submit, and the first email will arrive right away.

Please send me the free series,
What God Offers

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I know you’ll find this encouraging and freeing.


Marilyn Adamson
director of EveryStudent.com (and EveryPerson.com)
and StartingwithGod.com