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"What happened to my friend that just died?"  (4:05)

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Video transcript:

The very fact that I'm standing here in Mogadishu, Somalia, twenty years after the battle of Black Hawk Down is conclusive proof that Jesus is real and that faith in Jesus Christ will make all of the difference in your life. When these warriors were coming up to me and asking me questions - and these are some of the toughest men on the planet - asking me questions about life and death, "Jeff, what happened to my best friend who just died?" and "Jeff, what happens to me if I get on a helicopter or a Humvee?" My answer to all of them was the same - If you put your faith in Jesus Christ, whatever happens to you here on planet earth, He's with you. And, when you die, death is not the end for somebody who has faith in Jesus Christ, it's the beginning. It's a door you walk through and He's waiting for you with eternity on the other side."

So I would tell those men, "Listen, here's the deal. All of us are born into sin, and the consequences of sin -- the Bible is very clear about this -- is death. Sin equals death. And having committed one sin, one time, you deserve to die. In fact the Bible says in John chapter 8 that if you sin, you become a slave to sin, and you can't earn your way free." So I'd try to tell those guys, "Look, you can't go to church enough to become free from your sin. You can't work hard enough to get freedom from your sin. You can't give money, you can't read the Bible, you can't even pray hard enough to earn your freedom from your sin. It's... You're shackled to it, and there's no way you can become free, unless God steps in and does something."

Then I'd explain to those guys the answer is that Jesus Christ, God's only Son, was willing to leave heaven, lived a perfect life, willing to go to the cross, and the only man who never deserved to die, died in your place, and in my place, so that your sins could be paid for once and for all. But not only did He die, three days later He rose again so that death would no longer have hold on anybody who has faith in Jesus Christ. Then I told them if you will turn your heart and surrender your soul to your Creator, to Jesus Christ, He will radically transform your life like He did mine. And you'll never have to worry about what life is going to throw at you next, because now you've got a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Now you have somebody who will never bail on you when life gets tough. And no matter how bad your future gets, He will be right there with you and He will get you through whatever life is throwing at you next. And that, and that alone, settles once and for all where you stand with God and what your eternity is going to be like.

Then I'd also tell them, "If you turn around and you walk away from this, and don't turn it all over to Jesus Christ, the consequences for that is that you spend an eternity separated from God forever, you'll spend an eternity in Hell. And now the ball's in your court, what do you want to do about it?"

And I had a number of men who sat down next to me and surrendered their life to Jesus Christ in a simple prayer. The prayer was something like, "God, I admit it. I've made a mess of my life. I'm a sinner and I don't deserve to go to heaven. But I believe you sent your Son Jesus who died in my place. I believe that three days later He rose again, and right here where I'm sitting, I'm turning my life and my future over to You. I trust You with whatever happens to me next." That's the kind of prayer that I prayed when God radically transformed my life through faith in Jesus, and God transformed a lot of those guys who survived Somalia with me through faith in Jesus, and He can do the exact same thing for you.

And if you were really sincere about that, I mean if you made that commitment and you were genuine in that decision, I want you to let me know. Go to this website: www.bpfaith.com and let me know this decision. That's www dot b p faith (bullet proof faith) dot com.

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