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Video transcript:

I started doing drugs when I was about 16 I think. My brother kind of introduced me to it. My first drug was actually acid and it just went from there.

I used to do it almost every weekend, and then I started doing other drugs like marijuana and started drinking. Pretty much, I was into ecstasy. It was a lot of things. This was in South Africa. I lived in South Africa. It was easy to get drugs over there and things like that.

All along, I kind of felt like I was doing something wrong, but I just didn't know why, or what brought that feeling on, at the time. Also, while I was doing drugs, I had this one really, really good friend, girlfriend actually, and we also started dating. This was about one year into my drug experience I guess.

And I thought that I really loved her, that she was perfect for me and things like that. But what happened is that one week after we started dating, she cheated on me. It actually destroyed me. I was like, what happened? Why? My best friend and she did this to me?

That next night, I invited a whole bunch of my friends over, all of my friends, to my house. We all the drugs together that we could think of and we just did drugs the whole night. The next morning, I woke up, and I felt like I was actually going to die. It was horrible. Basically I hit rock bottom I guess, couldn't get any lower. I felt worthless, with low self-esteem. I was realizing that drugs aren't the answer to what's going on.

So what I did is, well, I knew about God. And I said, I kind of prayed and I said, "Lord, what's going on? Are you listening to me? Why is this happening? Do you even know that I exist? What's going on?" And so, I took my Bible and I opened it, and I actually opened it to Psalm 3, verse 4. And it said, "To the Lord I cried aloud and He answered me from His holy hill."

I was like, wow, I couldn't believe it. God is actually there. He was with me through my troubles.

So, since that day, I said, I asked God to basically just help me out of everything. Help me out of drugs. And help me deal with things. Since that day I haven't done drugs, or had the craving. God just completely took over the whole need.

I've realized that me dating that girl would have been nothing but bad things. So, everything that happened - well, when I was in it, I thought that it was the worst thing that could happen to me. But it was actually the best thing that could happen to me, but I just didn't know.

I used to get in fights and things like that, but after God, I'm just so much more loving to people. I used to make fun of people all the time, just all the time, and look down on people, things like that. I am better than you sort of thing. God has shown that's not what it's about. He loves everyone just as much.

Nothing that I was doing was better than something the person next to me wasn't also doing. You know, like in my eyes, I was like, I'm getting great grades and so I'm better than this person. But God doesn't think like that. He just... I've realized that He loves us the same no matter what. Like, to him, it's not important if we perform well here, here on Earth. He loves us no matter what. That's why he sent Jesus to die for us.

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