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What is the Meaning of Life?  (1:57)

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Video transcript:

Have you ever wondered about what the meaning of life is?

I mean, why are we here in this world? What is our purpose for even existing?

I'll tell you what it isn't. It's not just chasing after what this world offers. That's gonna leave you empty.

In fact, Solomon was one of the wealthiest men who ever lived. He had it all. He experienced it all. And he said you know what I've discovered... it's all emptiness.

If you live to be happy, you'll never be happy.

It's been said there are two sources of unhappiness in life. One is not getting what you want and the other is getting it.

Sometimes some of the most unhappy people are the ones that have it all. You'll never be happy by chasing happiness.

So you say, well how do you find happiness? How do you find life's purpose?

Listen, you were put... you're in this earth... to know God and to walk in fellowship with him.

Now what does that mean? It means that you were put here on this earth to have a relationship with your Creator. That is why – since the day you were born – you've been on a quest.

You've been searching for something... because, you know, there's more to life than what you're presently experiencing.

You were created to glorify God and to walk with him. Check this out. If you find life's purpose by coming into this relationship with God and glorifying him you will end up as a happy person – not from seeking happiness but from seeking God.

Because happiness will be the byproduct of a life that has found its proper perspective.

So I encourage you right now to know the God who made you and to walk in a relationship with him. And you know what... you'll find that you'll become a happy person, because the Bible says “happy are the people whose God is the Lord.” Something to think about.

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