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Of all the religions, why should I consider Christianity?  (2:46)

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Video transcript:

[title card] Of all the religions in the world, why should I consider Christianity?

It is very confusing when there are so many great religious options out there today. I just got back from New Delhi, India and learned much about Hinduism, the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It can be very confusing.

Let me make an argument why I started with Christianity. Two powerful reasons. One, Christianity offers salvation right now. One of the issues with a religion like Islam is that you spend your entire life following the five pillars of Islam, a very strict set of rules, but you never know how you're exactly doing until the end of your life. The Quran paints a very vivid picture that at the end of your life, all of your good and bad deeds will be placed on a scale, described by the Quran, and Allah will judge your good and bad deeds. But you never really know, during this life, how well you are doing. You can imagine all of the stress that is produced.

In Buddhism, it's a life of good and bad karma and a life of reincarnation based on the accumulation of good and bad karma. It's rumored that Katama the Buddha was reincarnated 20,000 times before he reached nirvana.

Christianity, Jesus says today is the day of salvation. You can know today, based on your accepting his free love and grace, that you can go to heaven.

In fact, when Jesus died, he died on a cross between two thieves, on a cross, where one thief turned to him and said, "Jesus would you remember me today when you go to heaven." And Jesus said, "I tell you today, youíll be with me in paradise." Imagine that. The thief, recognizing his need for salvation, turning to Jesus, and being saved that day.

That's a pretty powerful reason to make Christianity the start of your search; that you can accomplish salvation and know it today.

Another reason is this: in every other religion, Jesus is highly respected. In Islam, he is one of the top five prophets of Islam. In Buddhism he is seen as one of the top religious, enlightened thinkers. In Hinduism he is seen as a powerful leader, border lining on a god. But in all those religions he's seen as one of the outside thinkers, not the center teacher.

In Christianity, it's the religion where he's the center. He is the main player. So why not start at a religion where he's the center? I find Christianity to be a fascinating starting point, and it's one that has served me well.

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