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What was God doing before time began?  (1:42)

Dinesh D'Souza, debate at Tufts University (2007). Used by permission.

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Video transcript:

Could God have created the universe, and if he did, what was he doing before that? How did God occupy his time prior to creating a universe?

And to this question Augustine gave an astounding answer. He said, in effect, God created time along with the universe.

In other words, before the universe -- and we have to put the word "before" in quotation marks -- there was no time. Once upon a time, there was no time. A kind of startling idea.

Except that today, if you walk into an introductory physics course, you will learn that one of the direct implications of the Big Bang is that not only matter, but space and time had a beginning. In other words, one of the implications of the Big Bang is that not only did all of the stuff of the universe, but space itself and time itself, come into existence at a discrete point -- what scientists call a singularity.

This I would suggest is modern support. It's not a proof. We're not here debating proofs. We are debating evidence that would seem to suggest that all of nature, all of matter, came into existence, at a given time.

That I would suggest, tends to corroborate something Augustine said with no evidence behind him. He claimed that, in effect, he got it from theology or he got it from revelation. My point is, Augustine didn't write to force agreement with science. Augustine stated a theological proposition and modern science has come 1500 years later to agree with him.

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