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Donating to EveryStudent.com

As you can tell, we’re not too loud about donating.

Too many charlatans out there trying to make a buck off of the gospel. People who are wondering about God have a right to be skeptical of the motives. We don’t want to add to that.

I started the site, having come from an atheist background. I get the skepticism!

However, we’ve had a lot of people contact us asking how they can give to the site. So this at least gives you a place.

A little bit of information about EveryStudent.com…

The site is now in more than 45 languages, and we are currently seeing over 200,000 visits a day.

The goal of the site is to serve visitors well. When I was an atheist, I searched for answers to life, to a life approach that would always be reliable, and to see if there was any solid evidence for God.

Many people have the same questions. That’s why our purpose has never veered from our tagline, not since 2000 when the site launched:

We respect people’s privacy, never passing on their information to others...a safe place.

Each day, many hundreds of people begin a relationship with God while on our site.

It is my belief that God draws them to the site and speaks to their mind and heart while there. I say “mind and heart” because I think there are legitimate intellectual and real-life reasons to begin a relationship with God.

Like these people:

“I have been able to find answers to many of my questions. You have led me from complete denial of God’s existence to not just believing in Him but knowing that He is there. The evidence you give was sufficient to convince this 33 year old, life-long atheist; not an easy challenge!”

“What I read made the most perfect sense. In a life trampled by confusion, I found clarity. You have offered me a gift which has changed my life. I feel indebted to you for making the information available in a way a complete novice like me could understand.”

More than 2,000 people each day, from around the world, tell us they've asked Jesus into their lives while on the site. StartingwithGod.com is another site we built to help them immediately begin to know God better.

If you would like to help millions of more people find the site in their language, we welcome your donation. It will be very helpful and is greatly needed.

Here’s where you can donate with a credit card securely online: Donate here.

Thank you so much!
Marilyn Adamson
director of EveryStudent.com

p.s. Questions? Please email: [email protected]

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