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 Questions About Life and God

About This Site / Privacy

EveryStudent.com is a safe place to explore questions about who God is and what it might be like to know God.

  • We respect your privacy. We use cookies, but unlike most sites that use cookies, we won’t be chasing you around the Internet with ads or unexpected emails if you visit EveryStudent.com. You are welcome to visit EveryStudent.com once and never hear from us again.

  • We do not sell any products. Nor do we show any ads from others.

  • You can sign up for our free email series with confidence. We do not share (or sell) your email address, ever.

Bottom line...we want you to be able to explore your questions about life and God, keeping it under your control, not ours. Every article and video is described in an honest way, helping you spend time on what personally interests you.

EveryStudent.com provides well-researched answers to questions that many people have about God and the value of a relationship with God. EveryStudent.com contains content from many authors, including those who hold PhDs in their fields of study.

We believe people have important, legitimate questions that deserve intelligent, factual and honest answers, without manipulation or coercion. Too many people are duped by religious charlatans of all sorts who are mostly seeking financial gain. (That is one of the reasons we sell nothing on EveryStudent.com nor accept ads from others.)

Some of the questions addressed on EveryStudent.com are:

EveryStudent.com gives you an opportunity to email a question. You will receive a thoughtful reply (not canned or copy & paste) from a real person.

EveryStudent.com began in the year 2000 and has grown to over 45 language versions, at the request of people in those countries. The site is visited by more than 100,000 people each day. Many hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have begun a relationship with God through this site.

EveryStudent.com was started by and continues to be directed by a former atheist who is with a nonprofit Christian organization named Cru. Cru is a interdenominational organization partnering with many Christian church denominations and Christian organizations throughout the world. Its goal is to help many people know Jesus Christ in a personal way. If you are interested in seeing a specific list of the theological beliefs of Cru, please email us.

We hope that you will consider the possibility of knowing God and his love for you. There is no other relationship we can experience that so completely satisfies the longings of the human heart and mind.

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