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Is There More to Life?

Is life unfulfilling? Are you wanting more?

Here you are. Here. Right now. Looking at a computer screen. Another second goes by. Another moment of life. Zoom. It's gone. Oops. There goes another one. The seconds and minutes pass. An hour. A day. A week. A year. Here today. Gone tomorrow.

Here you are. Somewhere on planet Earth. What are you thinking...RIGHT NOW? Nothing? Or is it something like, "I want more"?

Yes, but more what? Friends? Parties? Dates? Money? Travel? Clothes?

Remember when you got that thing you wanted, or finally dated that person you wanted to date...remember the feeling you had afterward? Wasn't it something like, "That didn't radically change my life like I thought it would"?

Then what do you do? Go back to the drawing board?

Maybe the experience or the thing you hoped in wasn't really what you were looking for after all. Or maybe you just need MORE of that experience or thing. More money. More travel. More dates. More parties.

But even then you're left with the feeling, the plaguing thought: "I still want more."

So you want more. More of something. But you're not sure what that something is. It's like there's a constant itch in your life. The feeling that something is missing. The feeling that there must be something more IN life and something more TO life. Something more to be gotten out of life.

If life is leaving you thirsty, maybe you're drinking from the wrong well.

You think, "Am I just a round peg in a square hole? What's the deal? What's my problem?" The itch remains. And what you've experienced so far just hasn't scratched it.

Of course, this isn't something you tell your friends about. If they knew you were having these thoughts, surely they'd say, "Wow...s/he's getting WAY TOO serious about life."

But maybe they've got the same itch you do. Maybe they have the same thoughts you do. Maybe everyone is under a conspiracy of silence: "I don't want anyone to know what I'm really thinking about life."

Have you ever considered that the itch has something to do with God? Sure, God is around us, invisible to the naked eye. But God also exists in realms beyond ours. And maybe that's the dilemma. We need something beyond our realm to scratch the itch.

What if life has been set up (by God) in such a way that nothing in this realm can fully satisfy us? Even good things like a successful career, a healthy home life, getting married to someone you really love. Maybe even those things still leave the emptiness. Maybe even those things don't scratch the itch. Why? Because they're in this realm. And because we need something outside this realm to fulfill our lives.

Maybe God has designed us that way, so that we would seek him.

Think about it. If everything we ever wanted or needed could be gotten from the world we live in, then we wouldn't want God. We wouldn't feel the need for him. And maybe he feels he's too important to be overlooked.

So here you are. Right now. Needing more. Wanting more. But what if the "more" you want isn't found in this world? Then what? Where do you turn?

Our deepest needs and longings can't be met by anything in this realm. We need God, who is outside of this world, to satisfy us ultimately. Only a relationship with God ultimately satisfies our spiritual thirst. We need his "living water." We need to know him and have a relationship with him. Otherwise, we will be "thirsty" in life. Thirsty in a spiritual sense.

That's why Jesus says, "whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst." Knowing him satisfies our thirst. It scratches that nagging itch we have. The itch that nothing else seems to scratch.

Often people will try to satisfy their spiritual needs with things that aren't spiritual -- things such as money, popularity, being physically fit, having nice things.

Or they will try to satisfy their spiritual needs through some form of spirituality that does not involve a personal relationship with God.

Jesus himself is the only reliable "well." He's the only one who can give us "living water." And the water he offers is a gift. Is it a gift you would like to receive? It will make a huge difference in your life right NOW.

Yes, tell me more: How to Know God.

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