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Does God answer prayer?  (3:22)

People wonder if God really hears and responds to prayer. This 3-minute video shares a true account of God answering prayer.

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To find out more, please see the article: Does God Answer Our Prayers?

Video transcript:

A true story.

Casey: "Hmm. Sales? Marketing? Marketing public relations? Part time? Man, I'm really not sure even what I'm looking for. We spend all of this time trying to figure out what we're good at, what career to go for. Here it is. Graduating in a month with no idea what to do. No idea what kind of job is right for me. You know what though, it wouldn't be too bad if maybe I pray about it?"

Deb: "Pray about it? What would that do?"

Casey: "It's worth a try. I've always known that in situations where I don't know what to do, I just pray about it."

Casey: "God, I know I'm supposed to be talking to you all the time, whether I have an important issue or not, so I'm going to give this a go. Help me find my job. Help me figure out what it's even called. I know I'm also supposed to tell you that I'll do whatever you want me to do. Well, I'll do that too, but please, let it have to do with what I'm interested in and have been going to so much schooling for."

In text (online chat)--

Deb: Did you get the links I sent you earlier? Some of the jobs I found seemed to fit you perfectly!

Casey: Yeah, thank you so much, you're awesome. And I sent my resume out to them earlier today. I'm getting ready to check my email to see if I've gotten anything.

Deb: Did you get anything yet?

Casey: Whoa! Already!!

Casey: "Hey! Yeah, the interview went great. Get this, the guy interviewing me said my email came at what seemed like perfect timing. He said he prayed about finding the right person for the job and just then received my email."

Does God answer prayer?

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