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Joel’s Story – South Korea  (0:37)

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To find out how God can enter your life, and give you new life, please see: How to Know God Personally.

Video transcript:

My heart was heavy. I suffered from depression and ideas of worthlessness.

I held other people's wrongs and sins in my life as a blanket of excuses why God could not exist.

I met the Holy Spirit of God. And in a moment, amongst one of the lowest points of life in contemplation of suicide, the years of living with the identity of worthlessness faded as [God] the Father embraced me and spoke love to the core part of me.

Jesus shattered my stone heart and gave me new life, a lightness to walk in freedom.

I know this -- Jesus loved me and knew me first, and I know he's already pursuing you.

(Used by permission from 1Billion.org.)

 How to know God...
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